Project Owner

City of Wichita - Tyler Stevenson

Project Delivery Method

Lump Sum

Project Duration

10 Weeks

Project Value

$1.2 Mil

Project Overview

Sewer Manhole Replacement

UCI was contracted to remove and replace an existing sanitary sewer manhole in the main line for the City of Wichita. Influent and effluent pipe to the manhole was 78” diameter and approximately 23’ deep and required 28,000 gpm of bypass pumping 300ft away. What made the project unique was the existing MH was underneath the I-35 interstate and the new MH was very large, 12’x8’ box with 1’ thick walls weighing over 40,000 lbs. Careful thought and thorough planning went in to safely installing the MH with the limited headroom available. Also, because the MH was in the middle of an existing main thoroughfare, open cutting the excavation was not an option. Instead UCI went in and installed an engineered system of auger cast piles and steel beams to create the excavation. To tie the sewer system back together, UCI wire saw cut the existing pipe back from the MH and cast-in-place two sections of 78” concrete pipe ‘shoulders’.