the process

UCI Predictable Performance™   

UCI is a process driven organization.  Innovation drives our problem solving; our commitment to process allows us to perform at a high level driving us forward to predictably deliver projects.  

  • Project Design
  • Constructability Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Identification/ Assignment
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Scope, Clarification, and Definition
  • Team Introduction
  • Production Planning
  • Resource/ Cost Scheduling and Forecasting
  • Predictable Performance™ Deployment
  • Clash Detection
  • Project Team Collaboration 
  • Solution Focused
  • Project Team Integrator
  • Proven Leadership
  • Communication/ Reporting
  • Project Performance Dashboard
  • Quality Commitment
  • After Action Review 
  • Client Feedback
  • Done Done™
  • Follow-Up Plan

Our Safety

Safety will not be compromised at UCI. Our safety program is among the most progressive in the industry. Our safety program and performance allows us to work in facilities that many of our competitors are unable to access because we are able to meet the stringent safety requirements.

UCI Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)

UCI has adopted the Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) process as our primary planning tool.  The AWP process optimizes project performance, reduces delays, and enhances overall project predictability. This process emphasizes clear communication, collaboration, and alignment among various project stakeholders, including owners, engineers, contractors, and suppliers.

UCI uses the AWP process to divide the work into well-defined Installation Work Packages (IWP), which detail all safety, material, resource, and logistical requirements, thus minimizing downtime, and preventing work bottlenecks. By utilizing AWP, UCI can better control costs, improve safety, and achieve more predictable project outcomes, leading to increased efficiency and success for our valued client partners. 

Our Value Engineering Guarantee

Our Value Engineering Process generates innovative solutions that drive down project costs and shorten project duration.  We embrace the unique challenges our clients face and lean on our group of results-motivated team members to solve them.  We utilize transparency and accountability to provide a clear path to eliminate project directed change orders.

Our People

We only take on the projects that we can effectively staff with high quality leadership and experience.  UCI does not have B teams. You should always expect our best. 

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