Safety, quality, and production are tightly connected and go hand-in-hand at UCI. You cannot have one without the others. In order to have projects done more predictably and without injury, we utilize Predictable Performance™ and focus on safety and quality to complete projects on-time and without incident the first time

Safety and Production

Uncompromised Safety is our #1 core value.  We take pride in having the most progressive program in the industry.  UCI is consistently recognized for our commitment by both our clients and national associations such as the AGC and OSHA.  By meeting some of the most stringent safety requirements, we can work in facilities that many of our competitors are unable to access thus providing tangible value to our clients.

UCI Safety Initiatives

At UCI, we have developed new ways to get our people focused on safety by creating in-house safety initiatives. Work Zone Warrior™ was the first initiative created to promote a safer environment by creating “warriors” that report daily on hazard recognition and implement behavioral changes or controls before anyone is put at risk.

Since the initial creation of Work Zone Warrior™, we have implemented other complementary programs. One of these is the High 5™ program, which was created after recognizing that many hazard recognitions were related to the hands. High 5™ Hand Awareness is simple, yet effective and focuses on reducing the number of recordable behavioral injuries and/or observe and report near misses.

We encourage our employees to take the lead if they notice safety concerns. If they see a problem, they correct it. Aiding in this is another program that was created in-house by one of our craft employees called T.A.L.K. Safety Leadership. This program is also part of Work Zone Warrior™ and encourages our people to keep lines of communication open at all times. T.A.L.K. stands for “teach and tell”, “ask, don’t assume”, “listen and learn”, and “keep consistent, keep focused”.

The most recent program created is called See It, Correct It. This reminds our staff that anyone can stop work and speak up about potential hazards on a job site. We encourage every employee to take the initiative to help make our job sites hazard-free.

In 1955 UCI began a journey to create a best-in-class safety program. The commitment made then holds true today, and while we strive to continue our excellent performance, we learned manly lessons along the way. Those lessons, combined with an all-in commitment to safety, led to the creation of Tactical Safety Solutions in 2015. Tactical Safety Solutions provides turnkey safety services to a wide array of industries. Today, you will find Tactical Safety Solutions all over the country providing superior standards and absolute protection in these professional services:
  • On-Site Safety professionals
  • Confined space and high angle rescue teams
  • Fire watch and confined space attendants
  • Medical first responders
  • Site access and security
  • Facility fire brigades
  • Training