Project Owner

Magellan Midstream Partners, LP - Michael Sixsmith

Project Delivery Method


Project Duration

4 Months

Project Value


Project Overview

Crude Oil Storage Terminal Expansion Construction

The purpose of this project was to construct an additional 1,000,000 bbls of crude oil storage to support an increased flowrate through the Shinn-Pence facility, increasing the operational efficiency of Magellan’s Cushing, OK system. This expansion utilized 15.3 acres of existing terminal space for the construction of four new 250K bbl tanks. The work involved general earthwork and grading, site storm drainage, cover stone placement, gravel roadway construction, and foundations for four 185’ diameter crude oil tanks. The tank foundation work involved, subgrade preparation, concrete work, cathodic protection system, secondary containment liner and leak detection system, sand pad and gravel craneway.

• 5,000 CY 3” Topsoil Stripping
• 74,662 CY Site Cut
• 63,062 CY Site Fill
• 7,023 SY Topsoil Placement
• 53,929 SY 4” layer of Cover Stone
• 3,335 SY 12” Crushed Stone Access Roadways
• 5,781 SY 12” Crushed Stone Craneways
• 4 ea. 185’ dia. Crude Oil Tank Foundations